lowers, lowering, lowered
1) ADJ-COMPAR: ADJ n, the ADJ, the ADJ of n You can use lower to refer to the bottom one of a pair of things.

She bit her lower lip.

...the lower deck of the bus...

The upper layer of felt should overlap the lower.

...the lower of the two holes.

2) ADJ-COMPAR: ADJ n You can use lower to refer to the bottom part of something.

Use a small cushion to help give support to the lower back.

...fires which started in the lower part of a tower block.

3) ADJ-COMPAR: ADJ n, the ADJ You can use lower to refer to people or things that are less important than similar people or things.

Already the awards are causing resentment in the lower ranks of council officers...

The nation's highest court reversed the lower court's decision...

The higher orders of society must rule the lower.

4) VERB If you lower something, you move it slowly downwards.

[V n prep/adv] Two reporters had to help lower the coffin into the grave...

[V pron-refl prep/adv] Sokolowski lowered himself into the black leather chair...

[V n] `No movies of me getting out of the pool, boys.' They dutifully lowered their cameras.

Derived words:
lowering N-UNCOUNT usu N of n

...the extinguishing of the Olympic flame and the lowering of the flag.

5) VERB If you lower something, you make it less in amount, degree, value, or quality.

[V n] The Central Bank has lowered interest rates by 2 percent...

[V n] This drug lowers cholesterol levels by binding fats in the intestine.

Derived words:
lowering N-UNCOUNT usu N of n

...a package of social measures which included the lowering of the retirement age.

6) VERB If someone lowers their head or eyes, they look downwards, for example because they are sad or embarrassed.

[V n] She lowered her head and brushed past photographers as she went back inside...

[V n] She lowered her gaze to the hands in her lap.

7) VERB: oft with brd-neg If you say that you would not lower yourself by doing something, you mean that you would not behave in a way that would make you or other people respect you less.

[V pron-refl] Don't lower yourself, don't be the way they are...

[V pron-refl to n] I've got no qualms about lowering myself to Lemmer's level to get what I want.

8) V-ERG If you lower your voice or if your voice lowers, you speak more quietly.

[V n] The man moved closer, lowering his voice...

His voice lowers confidentially.

9) See also low

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